Solo Vacations

Do you enjoy going on vacations by yourself or do you always have someone with you? I love my family and friends and always have a great time with them when we go places together. Sometimes though I just need to get away from everyone and go it alone. My first week long solo vacation

Summer Fun

What do you do in the summer for fun? Do you go on vacations, go road tripping, amusement parks? For me, nothing beats a good road trip. It can be a day trip or a couple of days. Get off the main roads and definitely off the highways and just drive around and find something

Summer Cooking

So, how do you cook during the summer months? My family does a lot of grilling, though we do grill all year around even in the winter with the snow on the ground. We enjoy our grill and like trying new foods on the grill that we would usually not grill. Recently we have been

Comfort Food

Do you have a comfort food? Is there one or more meals that are your go-to meals when you need some comfort or just want to think about home, your parents, or grandparents? I have a couple of comforts foods that I fall back to on occasion. If it is breakfast i like a toasted

Favorite Recipe

Do you have a favorite recipe that you fall back on when you need to bring something to a gathering? Do you like to bring an appetizer, main dish, or a dessert? I enjoy bringing desserts. Making desserts for my friends and family is something I like to do. I like to make desserts that

Ketchikan, AK

I finally got back to Alaska after going there for the first time 7 years ago. I went by cruise ship again just because for me that seems to be the easiest way for me to get there. The first stop we made was Ketchikan. It’s a great town. They claim to be the Salmon

Seattle, WA

Seattle is a very nice city. So very different than the cities on the east coast. People are very friendly which is a very nice thing. I was in Seattle overnight before I took a cruise. My friend & I got to the airport and was able to find a taxi no problem. The cheapest

European Travel

I have been lucky enough to travel over in Europe twice now. Both times have been on cruises and I have enjoyed it very much. The one HUGE problem I have is converting USĀ DollarsĀ into Euros. My most current trip over I was in Cologne, Germany and went into a store with friends. As we were

Ocean or River Cruising

I have been on 5 or 6 ocean cruises and have enjoyed everyone. In May I took a river cruise. The cruise company that I went with was Viking River Cruises. The main thing I would tell you before you decide which cruise you think would be best for you is how much relaxation or

Winter Travel

I don’t know where you live but I live on the East Coast and we get snow in the winter. How many of you have planned a trip only to have it cancelled because the weather turned on you? I was going to Las Vegas to visit relatives this past February and another storm was